Competition Winners

A big thank you to all the students for the effort they put into the assignment and the amazing submissions! Here we present the teams who won the first place in the countries Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

Over all countries we also nominated an    Assignment Winner  to the team who provided the most fitting solution to the given problem as well as an    Innovation Winner  to the team who had the most innovative idea.

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Winner Spain: Efisume

Jury comment: The Team Efisume was chosen as assignment winner, because they proposed the most comprehensive solution to the assignment of improving a specific building with energy efficiency measures. Not only did they propose an ecologically and economically beneficial solution for the building but also a marketing strategy and a financing plan for their solution. We applaud the team for including the schools educational program in the project through plans to involve the students in the implementation.

"Clear, dynamic and full on comprehensible data. Awesome."

Pablo Perez de Ciriza

"A well designed marketing strategy combined with a good structured presentation, that convinces through a detailed financing plan."

Lisa Wiedemann

"We liked this project because it offers a sustainable solution, which generates great economic and energy savings and reduces CO2 Emissions. Besides that, it was presented in a very concise, clear and entertaining way."

Victoria Cejas

 1st. Place Spain    Eva Abad   Gurutz Salaverria   Markel Barranco   Assignment Winner

The installation consist of 384 ATERSA A-400M GS photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the school connected to 2 inverters that would supply the building with the generated energy or could take energy from the power grid in case of need or in case of having a excessed energy generation, would be possible to sell that energy. The solar panel would be put in 8 lines, 7 on the roof and 1 on the superior part of the facade, with 48 panels each. This installation would not have batteries because it would make the installation to be very expensive to install.

Winner Netherlands: Compressed air battery

Jury comment: This idea addresses an important problem for the largescale use of renewable energy sources: Energy storage. The group presented an in-house solution to store energy using compressed air and vowed the judges with their innovative thinking and customer-friendly presentation. Based on their innovative thinking, the jury elects this group as innovation winner.

"Thanks for thinking out of the box."

Pablo Perez de Ciriza

"An innovative solution to avoid waste production, that convinces through a comprehensive project presentation."

Lisa Wiedemann

"We chose this project because we found, that the use of compressed air as a battery solves the task in an innovative and enviromentally friendly way. The Project presentation was entlighting and easy to follow."

Victoria Cejas

1st. Place Netherlands   Pepijn Root   Ashanti Talens   Glenn Groenhuis   Innovation Winner

The problem isn’t always creating the energy. We have ways of producing energy in a green and a efficient way. But with creating power comes the problem of storing this power. You could use compressed air as a way of storing power. The electricity goes to a compressor that starts to compress the air in tanks under the building. Then when more electricity is needed the compressed air can be turned back into electricity.

Winner Germany: Marlin, Luca & Sebastian

Jury comment: The winning group from Germany impressed with a solution that combines installation of renewable energy and rainwater cisterns, thinking about different ways to use technology to benefit the environment. Presented in an appealing fashion, the group explains the technology and their cost forecast for the solution very understandably.

1st. Place Germany   Marlin Hintzen   Luca Erc   S. S.  

Our idea is to use rain and snow water for the schools' supply water. Solar heat from the side of the school building will produce heat and warm water. Furthermore photovoltaic systems on the roof will provide half the energy needed by the school. The supply water will be saved in cisterns and will be reused for toilet flushing and watering plants. All the investments will amortize after a few years and will greatly reduce the energy costs. Additionally the school will profit from a good reputation.

Winner Switzerland: Mario & Beat

Jury comment: The winning group thought about using a renewable heating source, photovoltaics for electricity generation as well as a rainwater tank to improve the schools energy intake. The group stands out through their combination of the renewable energy sources and their calculation of costs as well as CO2 emissions.

1st. Place Switzerland   Mario Grab   Beat von Atzigen  

The school building will be improved with a geothermal heating system, a rainwater tank, a new solar system roof and new insulation. The building will be completely self-sustainable on energy and even sell the surplus. All the investments will be amortized after some years.