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EU VET student competition on innovative solutions for enhancing energy efficiency


In spring 2020 the Energyducation competition for VET students will take place. In this competition, international student teams will be challenged to solve an energy efficiency problem with innovative Smart Energy solutions and present them in a user friendly way.


The participating classes come from relevant study domains such as building technique, electro technique or machinery, light, heating and cooling techniques or other fitting domains. It would be very good if they have already received training in Smart Energy Management. Ideally, there is the possibility for these classes to participate in a pilot training on Smart Energy Management which will be taught parallel or prior to the competition and which can be fitted into their curriculum. Find more information about the pilot training here.


Schools from Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland take part in this pilot project. The participating classes will each be paired with a class from another country, so that truly international teams can be formed consisting of 3-5 students from the two different schools. These teams will be supported by the teachers of these two classes, who can cooperate to manage the development of the team projects. The competition is an excellent opportunity for participating VET students to apply smart energy management knowledge to an interesting problem, practice entrepreneurial initiatives, English skills and enjoy international cooperation and cultural exchange.


The winning teams will be invited for a study visit. This six day study visit will include workshops and excursions on the topic of energy efficiency. It is an opportunity for students to exchange knowledge and to undergo more training. The students participating in this trip will be asked to document their study visit with photos and film in order to create a short online training material for their student colleagues. The training schedule will provide a balanced programme, including free time and cultural and social activities for teambuilding.


The competition will be hosted on a webpage provided by myclimate.