Switzerland polybau

Polybau Uzwil

The Verein Polybau is a Swiss educational institution for competence, quality and energy efficiency in the building envelope sector. The active cooperation with other organisations in the sector and the partner network with industry are important and support the educational training in the professions: Sealer, roofer, facade builder, scaffolder and blind fitter.


 1st. Place:    Mario Grab    Beat von Atzigen  

The school building will be improved with a geothermal heating system, a rainwater tank, a new solar system roof and new insulation. The building will be completely self-sustainable on energy and even sell the surplus. All the investments will be amortized after some years.

2nd. Place:   Adrian Manser   Kim Guizzo   Dany Bösch  

Our idea is to upgrade the schools' walls with better insulation from the in- and outside. Heat loss through the walls will be much lower after the upgrade such that the school can save money on heating and air conditioning.

3rd. Place:   Remo With   Raphael Müller  

Our idea is to replace the old Mensa with a new one. The new Mensa will be completely lit by LEDs. The students will help with designing the. This project will be advertised at the inaugural festival.