Alfa-college is a denominational Regional Education Centre (ROC) for vocational training and adult education. The ROC provides a coherent range of courses enabling young people and adults to gain qualifications for further education and the labour market.

1st. Place:   Pepijn Root   Ashanti Talens   Glenn Groenhuis   Innovation Winner

The problem isn’t always creating the energy. We have ways of producing energy in a green and a efficient way. But with creating power comes the problem of storing this power. You could use compressed air as a way of storing power. The electricity goes to a compressor that starts to compress the air in tanks under the building. Then when more electricity is needed the compressed air can be turned back into electricity.

"Thanks for thinking out of the box."

Pablo Perez de Ciriza

"An innovative solution to avoid waste production, that convinces through a comprehensive project presentation."

Lisa Wiedemann

"We chose this project because we found, that the use of compressed air as a battery solves the task in an innovative and enviromentally friendly way. The Project presentation was entlighting and easy to follow."

Victoria Cejas

2nd. Place:   Arnout Buter   David van der Sterre   Alexander Stevenhaagen  

We want to modernize the school and thus reduce it's CO2 emissions in the following ways:
  • upgrade present TL lighting with LEDs
  • install solar panels on the roof
  • move from oil heating to a heat pump with floor heating
Students with a background in engineering will be involved with the installation. We'd like to create a green school that can be a role model for other schools.

3rd. Place:   John Nooren   Basjan Reitzema   Mads Lint  

Our idea heavily uses piezoelectricity to power different parts of the schools lighting. It starts off in the driveway where we use the preassure a car applies to the road to power the street lamps. Inside the building, the preassure from peoples footsteps will generate the power to light the very rooms they are in. This product is self-sustainable and produces no CO2 emissions.

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