VET Teacher’s Handbook on implementation of Project based learning (PBL) methodologies based on ECVET principles


This Handbook focuses on organizational arrangements that have to be adopted to the requirements of PBL, e.g. flexible time management of teachers and students, spaces, evaluation process, curricula agenda; restructuring classrooms and installations; defining the new role of the teacher (trainer vs. assessor), defining the student project teams and the whole process to create and evaluate projects and challenges. The Handbook also provides a chapter about using ECVET principles in PBL and four case studies from our partnership that gives you a very practical example of good practice.


Due to the Pandemic, several partners could not implement and experience PBL in usual space and time settings, with normal class size and schedules.

This is why the current Handbook version will be updated in the future by the participating partners when face-to-face teaching will be back to the classrooms and more practical experience in implementing PBL inside physical classrooms, with a large number of students and fulltime schedules, can be added to the current case studies.


The project coordinator CIFP Usurbil LHII was responsible to deliver the Handbook with the contribution of all partners involved.

VET Teachers Handbook