This output produced an Open Online Course for VET students to train them with the necessary digital competences required for the job profile of a “smart” energy manager, a technician who has to toolkits intelligent installations and be able to understand the data registered through monitoring.


Toolkit Smart Energy Management

Five SEM training modules


The Introduction module provides a general introduction to the meaning of “digital transformation” and “smart energy", including real-life examples of the surrounding industries from the partners.


5,5 learning hours

EQF level 3


produced by MSVE


The Thermal Installations module provides a challenge to analyze whether a certain building is self-sufficient in electrical energy terms and the thermal efficiency of a combined Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit and Ground Air Heat exchangers.


15 learning hours

EQF level 4/5


Produced by CIFP Usurbil LHII + ZubiGune Foundation


The UX Design module provides the challenge to present the information of a Smart Energy Management System, that is used in a school building in Groningen, in a way easy understandable by ever user.

15 learning hours

EQF level 4


Produced by ALFA College


The Lightning module provides tools and knowledge to design smart lighting for public buildings.


15 learning hours

EQF level 4


Produced by ALFA College


The Energy Mapping module provides the basic principles to identify energy consuming services in buildings (heating,..), create its energy mapping and suggest energy improvements with its supporting calculations.

5 learning hours

EQF level 4


Produced by LULEA Kommun

All toolkits were designed for collaboration. This concept implements the lessons learned in practical real-life student projects (based on project based learning methodology) by VET student groups.


USE the Toolkit for your own teaching


If you like to use the toolkits for your own teaching contact us. You can get a complete copy from the original ILIAS course, a SCORM export or you get a copy of the elements (learning nuggets, e.g. tests and videos) and implement them in your own learning system e.g. Moodle oder MS Teams. We provide you with original documents (e.g. Word or Power Point) so you can modify them for your own needs.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Marc Krüger, Münster School of Vocational Education, TVET team, E-mail:

To get an impression about the toolkits, follow this Link.