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92 VET students from the Netherlands, Germany, Basque Country (Spain) and Switzerland took part in the Energyducation competition on innovative solutions for enhancing energy efficiency .

Student Competition

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What was the competition about?

From January to April 2020 the first Energyducation competition for VET students in Europe took place. The challenge was to develop innovative product or system solutions for a school building using Smart Energy techniques. All students had a basic understanding for Smart Energy principles or were learning it.

5 VET schools took part in this pilot project. The participating classes were trained in technical fields of study where Smart Energy is relevant (engineers in building services, electricity or machinery as well as light, heating and cooling technicians).

The students had the chance to exchange with a class from another country. In online meetings, the students got to know each other, talked about their innovative products or solutions and received feedback from their partner teams. This encouraged English and presentation skills and was an opportunity to connect with foreign young professionals in the same field of work.

All students who submitted a video presentation and a sustainable business model of their idea received a diploma from myclimate.

Initially, it was planned, that the winning teams would go on a study visit to Germany in order to learn more about energy efficiency from the Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt. Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic, this travel could not take place.


The competition is an excellent opportunity for participating VET students to… 

    …apply smart energy management knowledge to an interesting problem
    …practice business skills for sustainability
    …improve English skills
    …enjoy international cooperation and cultural exchange 



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