Definition "Smart Energy Management"


Partners worked together in order to define what exactly entails Smart Energy Management. They define the knowledge, skills and competences of a “SEM Expert” for skilled workers on EQF level 4/5.


How we got the Definition


In a first step, the project partners defined what exactly entails Smart Energy Management (SEM) for the target group of skilled workers, and what expertise, skills and competencies make up a Smart Energy Management expert. For the development of the SEM definition and qualification, the project partners applied their own experience and knowledge regarding SEM and carried out a literature study. Six key questions were derived from this process, which formed the basis of interviews with SEM experts from industry and (applied) universities. The notes for the interviews were evaluated and combined with all the information collected so far, after which the definition of SEM was developed in an interactive process (16 versions were edited). Find the Definition for download on the side.

SEM Definition