Output 1 

Output 1


ECVET Online Training guide for VET teachers: The didactical implementation of the ECVET based qualification requirements into an e-based training programme


This output will create a training guide for VET teachers and VET providers to train them in ECVET (European credit system for vocational education and training) based qualification requirements specifically focused on blended learning courses in technical training fields. VET teachers/providers will learn how to describe the qualification framework of a given training course, identify learning outcomes including prior-learning experience, understand the credit points and ECVET points representation in relation to the qualification and apply the knowledge.

This training guide will be designed as an online training tool and offered in format MOOC, including virtual training settings and participative elements. The partner  NTI-MMM AS will deliver the training to the project partners. 


  • Access to the Online Training guide: Later to come here.

Learn more about ECVET here.