Output 2

Output 2


Toolkit on “Smart energy management” for VET students

This output will produce an innovative Open Online Course for VET students to train them with the necessary digital competences required for the job profile of a “smart” energy manager, a technician who has to manage intelligent installations and be able to understand the data registered through monitoring. The partner MSVE is in charge to design the online contents and to manage the contributions of the other partners.


There will be different Modules


  • INTRODUCTION MODULE This module will provide a general introduction to the meaning of “digital transformation” and “smart energy". All partners will provide real-life examples of the surrounding industries


  • SPECIFIC TRAINING MODULES Different modules in the fields of “Energy Efficiency” (produced by CIFP Usurbul LHII / ZubiGune ), “UX design and lighting” (by ALFA-College), “Electricity and Automation” (by LULEA Kommun).


  • COLLABORATION MODULE This module will be designed to implement the lessons learned in practical real-life student projects (based on project based learning methodology) by VET student group.  One interactive digital challenge will be defined that offers students the opportunity to also interact and collaborate transnationally on the web with other course participants

In the Second year of the project, the partner will implement the course with their students and produce case studies.


Access to the Toolkit: Later to come here