The didactical implementation of the ECVET based qualification requirements into an e-based training programme.


Main Objective train VET teachers in the European credit system for vocational education and training (ECVET).


The reference framework ECVET makes qualification more understandable across the EU and promotes the recognition of learning achievements of VET learners in different countries. Our partner from Norway NTIMMM developed an online training course in a MOOC format that provides to anyone interested in understanding and using ECVET a complete training, which includes examples and templates to use, when setting up a new qualification description.


Access to the Online Training guide  


The partnership produced an ECVET based qualification matrix that includes a detailed breakdown of learning outcomes into knowledge, skills and competence of some tasks that a “Smart Energy Manager” should be able to do. Through Skillsbank, VET learners and teachers can evaluate the learning outcomes in a given area.


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Find the ECVET Qualification Matrix for SEM on the right. 

Output 1 - ECTrainingVET Online Guide

ECVET Online Training Guide